Music for TV and Film

Film music and sound effects have always fascinated me and at university this prompted me to begin composing music for moving images and designing sound. I use state of the art software to score epic orchestral arrangements to create the mood of the picture and then using recorded or sampled sound clips I can add the sound design elements to bring the pictures to life. If you have a film project that needs a score or sound design I'd be very interested in hearing from you! Contact me by clicking the 'Contact' button above.

Below are a few examples of my composition and sound design work;
This is the opening film from the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards. I wrote and produced all of the music and sound effects for this, and the twenty-something nominee videos and VTs which were displayed on-stage on a screen that was 3m high and 16m wide, a great project and an even better show!

I wanted to create a really festive Christmas score for this video, with a continuing build up to represent the progress of the decorations leading up the the fireworks at the end. I composed all of the music and created all of the sound design elements from start to finish.

This clip from Pirates of the Caribbean had no music in the original edit. It had the sound design elements; the water sounds, the coins clinking and monkey noises but no music. I've tried to create an eerie atmosphere with swelling strings and brass which leaves the viewer feeling uncertain about what is going to come next...

This Flash animation was being used by a local company to promote their skills and products, however, the original video was silent and somewhat lifeless. As soon as I saw it I knew the exact piece that would bring it to life. The track is by a band called 'Lunatic Calm' and although I take no credit for composing it, I did however edit the song to fit the scene changes. You will notice that the tempo increases significantly towards the end of the video, I made this change so that the flashes at the end of the film have a lot more impact. I also created all of the sound design elements and sound effects in this video.